Friday, 26 August 2011

GOM Player With Skin

Setelah sekian lama tidak posting, kali ini saya akan posting aplikasi pemutar audio yang sudah sangat familiar, yaitu GOM Player

Dalam versi ini, memang tak jauh beda dari versi sebelumnya. Selain itu GOM Player juga dapat memutar banyak sekali jenis ekstensi video, maupun audio, antara lain: MPEG, MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, dan masih banyak lagi.

Screenshot yang diambil dari komputer :

GOM Media Player Features

Codec Finder
GOM Media Player comes equipped with all of the most popular video codecs (XviD, DivX, FLV1, OGG, MP4, H263 and more) by default, so downloading and installing extras is rarely necessary. For those videos that do require a separate codec, GOM Media Player will find one and direct you to a place where you can download an open source version. That way, you won't get stuck with unnecessary codecs on your system.

Play Broken AVI Files
AVI files can't be played if the index is broken, or if the file isn't completely downloaded. This is because the index is located at the end of the file. GOM Media Player's advanced technology enables users to view files with broken indexes or that are still being downloaded.

Powerful Subtitle Support
GOM Media Player supports SMI, SRT, RT, and SUB(with IDX) subtitle formats. You can specify margin, location, size, resolution, font and others. You can also enable shadow, view ASF files with subtitle, karaoke subtitle mode. You can even synchronize subtitle and video if there's any mismatch.

Convenient Playlist
It's easy to create and edit your own multimedia playlist with GOM Media Player. If there are multiple videos with similar names in a given directory (i.e. "Sample Episode 1", "Sample Episode 2", etc) they will all be automatically added to your playlist when you choose to playback one of them. Furthermore, because GOM Media Player uses a playlist format that is similar to M3U, PLS, and ASX, playlists that are saved in any of those formats can be opened and edited as well.

Support Different Media Types
GOM Media Player can play all the most popular video formats by default, including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, and more.

Screen Capture
Screen capture allows you to take a screenshot of your video directly from GOM Media Player. Using the Burst Capture feature, you can take continuous screenshots up to 999 shots.

Advanced Features
There are an extensive number of advanced features included in GOM Media Player. You can customize brightness, contrast and saturation, sharpen and add noise to your video, adjust audio output using the audio equalizer, repeat a section of your video with our A-B Repeat feature, make use of loads of keyboard shortcuts, and much more!

homepage :

Download :
=>GOM Player (via
=>GOM Player (via brothersoft)
=>Skin for GOM Player


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